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"Zen Juddhism: Vol 2 is an enjoyable album. The socially conscious lyrics from the fresh mix of performers enable a range of genres without taking itself too seriously."

"As rock collectives go, you really won't find a more diverse outfit than Zen Juddhism, the brainchild of local guitar hero Jude Ωne Eight... it's never boring listening to Zen Juddhism."
--The AND Guide, p21

"Eclectic and diverse, the album is like a bag of Revels: you're not quite sure whether you're getting the coffee or the orange or the toffee, but it's worth it because the sum of the parts is an enjoyable experience."

"A solid album from beginning to end, '2' will hold up to repeat listens. 8.5/10. 

The project features a vast and creative mix of styles and sounds, but the underlying thread throughout it all is a hearty dose of melody and meaning... 
It’s fantastic, from start to finish... Well worth a listen in full. 

"Sterling guitar-work, reaching James Dean Bradfield type heights at times.  
There are some great radio-friendly songs on Zen Juddhism 2. It’s modern, ‘classic rock’ with enough idiosyncratic personality to make it stand-out from bands of a similar ilk from around the UK.

"Throughout this record the production is slick, the drumming tight, the vocals well up in the mix but above all the guitar work is first class. No matter the style, the professionalism is always there and you can tell this has been a real labour of love for Jude."
--The AND Guide, p11
"The quality of the guitar playing is undeniable and that provides to be the glue that underpins all of the tracks here. Interesting, diverse and unique."
"Private Banks (So Cold) flirts with a familiar and energetic tempting, not really caring about creating new templates but eager to provide a boisterous and anthemic roar of voracious rock; an aim realised with enjoyable results for all."
"Eleven diverse and well composed rock songs."
"With his exciting new solo project,
ZEN JUDDHISM, Jude Ωne Eight has offered up a very promising debut that spans the map musically but is held together by his excellent guitar playing, memorable melodies and solid songwriting."
"The self-titled release from Zen Juddhism switches from one genre of music to the next throughout the entire length of the release. And because of the changing of styles, you are almost assured of finding a song that will speak to you, no matter what your musical preferences are."
"One of the great things about the album is that with the differing vocal styles, it is almost a compilation album with a strong sense of belonging and certainly leaves you wanting to hear more from each of the collaborators."
--Jon, Rock Regeneration

"The music is quite diverse and combines elements of rock, metal, funk, soul and pop into an exciting own style."
--Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter

Zen Juddhism
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